Don’t be Afraid to Write

crooked bridge

The number one question I get now that my book, “Crossroads Through Time”  has been published is, “How did you get the idea for the story?”

The next thing I hear is, “I’ve thought of writing, but I have no idea what I’d write about.”

If that sounds like you, look at the picture of the bridge.  Where is it going?  Why is it there?  Will there be danger or happiness at the end it?  Start with an idea, or find a picture that stimulates your imagination.

I once thought you had to have a worthy skill if you wanted people to read what you had to say.  Certainly, we all learn much from those that have been there…done that.  BUT, you don’t have to be extremely knowledgeable in a particular field to write.  You also don’t need to have had a terrible tragedy, or experienced rapturous love to evoke emotion from the reader.

All you need is an imagination, and we all have that!

Don’t get caught up in the technical aspects of writing, it will screw up your mojo!  When I first started to write, I was reading different articles and blogs telling me that I should take this writing course or that program before attempting or even thinking of writing a book.  I knew the more I listened to others opionions on the how-to’s, I’d be more worried about technical issues than letting the story flow on it’s own.  Because every writer has their own style.  Let yours be unique to you.  Don’t let others dictate what it should be!  And, don’t worry about the spelling and editing.  There’s always someone who can do that for you. There are even online editors to help like Grammarly.

If writing has been on your mind, but you don’t have any idea what you’d write about, find a picture that intrigues you and just write.  See where your imagination takes you.

When I started my book, I had no idea where it would lead. I had never attempted writing a book, and until recently, (last few years), had no interest in writing at all!

I knew the book would be about choices and I had my main character, Genevieve. Other than that, I let inspiration take the lead and what resulted was a beautiful story that has brought many to tears as they”ve read it, and given hope and comfort in a time when negativity seems to be coming from all directions.

So, when I’m asked that question, “Where did I get the idea for my book?” I can only say that I was a conduit for receiving ideas and words that often made me pause as the inspiration was beyond what I ever imagined I could write.  I found that when I tried to force an idea, I’d lose the connection and the story lost its vision.  So, I let only inspired imagination be my guide.  It’s the only thing you need.

Find a quiet place, trust in your great imagination and start writing!





A Different Choice an Altered Life

Thinking back on the choices you made, just today, was there any that stood out?  I’m not talking about what you had for lunch, so think again.  Coming up blank?

Maybe it was a typical day, but maybe not. Choices are mostly made upon the thoughts and emotions that drive them.  As an example:

On this particular day, you woke up, shaking off the cobwebs, in a great mood.  It’s Friday, TGIF!  The ache in your hip that’s been bothering you all week seems to be gone.  The morning commute was a breeze and everyone at the office is in that “Happy Friday” attitude as well. Then a bonus check you’ve been waiting for is delivered to your desk. It’s not quite as much as you’d hoped for, but still, there should be enough for a little getaway you’ve been thinking about.  So you call your travel agent and yes, they are still out there and an incredible asset. He finds you a great beach getaway at a 50% off sale, for today only!  What a great day!

2 paths Same day:

You wake up thinking about a dream you had.  It was dismal and dark.  Still dwelling on it, you don’t notice the shoes you kicked off the night before and trip on one as you make your way to the bathroom, stubbing your big toe into the door frame and now it’s bleeding.  After doctoring it up, dressing and grabbing a quick cup of coffee, you look at the clock and realize you’ll be really lucky if you make it to work on time…and you don’t.

As you look around the office, you wish you had the kind of attitude everyone else seems to have, afterall, it’s Friday. But your toe is throbbing, probably broke, and now that blasted hip aches again.  As you sit, trying to focus on work, the laughing around you is an irritating distraction.  After taking a quick bathroom break you notice an envelope on your desk.  Opening it you find a bonus check staring you in the face.  You look around and think, Is this a joke? I should have gotten more than this! Once again I’m overworked and under appreciated. You toss the check in your purse and grumble, Life sucks!

It’s more than attitude, it’s a moment by moment decision to make a different choice. But  when things begin to go negative (or start out that way), we rarely catch ourselves and change direction, maybe we don’t even know how.

In my book “Crossroads Through Time” coming out on Amazon early next month (Sept. Gen on a foggy path2017), the lead character, Genevieve, while in a dream-like state, finds herself transported through time and space to parallel moments in her lifetime, where her reality shifts as her choices do, often set in motion due to the emotions momentarily felt at the time.

From the concious and deliberate to the habitual choices made on a daily basis, she is shown a rare glimpse of a life she had never imagined.



We don’t realize how our emotions, impulses and thoughts guide our life and our reality, but just deciding to take a right turn instead of a left, might change your life forever. How can you know if you should take a different path home? The urge will be strong, and it will feel good.  Nothing good comes from feeling bad, nothing.




A Beautiful World

It’s easy to find the cynical and ugly aspects of our world every day.  Just turn on the T.V. and watch a bit of news, or read a news paper.

It must be profitable to be negative, but it sure doesn’t sooth the soul.  If you would listen to the media, nothing is good, people are self serving and the world is plain ugly.

Well, I just want to show you what they won’t, beauty and laughter.  Hopefully when things are dragging you down, you’ll bookmark this page and smile.

If it’s just  a laugh you need, I’ve got more:

Look for the things that make you whole and lift your spirits.  Life is too short to dwell witht the naysayers!


Continue reading “A Beautiful World”

Joy isn’t an Illusion

Happiness is often hard to find in the world we live in.  It has become complicated, with more information than we know what to do with. The news is in its glory when showing us the darkest of humanity.  I’m always thrilled when I see an uplifting story of courage,  hope or comradery.  But it’s a rare occurrence as they must not think people want to be uplifted; that we would rather watch the hurt that people endure…close up too!  It’s no wonder we feel more and more helpless in our struggle to be happy.

It’s time to see what we WANT to see, and by doing that you have to change some habits.  Start simple.

As an example:

  1. Before you get out of bed in the morning think of 1-5 things that make you smile.  Be sure to let yourself enjoy the feeling it gives you.
  2. If you don’t have it already, sign up for Notes from the Universe.  You can get it at  Why?  Because Mike Dooley is an uplifter.  In his daily, quick, inspirational message, delivered to your email every morning, the universe reminds you over and over of awesome person you are, reinforcing a new, good habit in loving yourself!
  3. Enjoy the morning.  Sure, it’s usually hectic on the weekdays, but whether it is or not, relish a good cup of coffee or that english muffin. Open the window and smell the early morning fresh air. Marvel at those you love, whether it is your kids, husband, wife, parent etc. If they make you smile, dwell on that. It’s those we love that make life worth living.
  4. Walk away from negative people.  Whether it is co-workers, people giving the news, or a complainer on Facebook, if you don’t feel joy, step away.  I used to be addicted to the news and always had a knot in my stomach after I listened to all the unrest in the city, the political posturing of the government and generally depressing stories.  Now, other than knowing the basics I stay clear of the news, and it has helped my moods dramatically! I also cut out depressing T.V. shows.
  5. Listen to music that you want to dance to (even if you don’t actually dance), or read a book that is exciting and uplifting. Delve into that hobby that gives you fulfillment or fine one.  Give hugs. Whether it’s your family, your pet or friend. It’s not just what they will get out of it, but what you will.
  6. When you get into bed at night, think of 5 things that made you feel good that day, things that made you happy.

If you look for darkness, you will find it.  But, on the other side of the coin, if you look for joy more, you will find it ten-fold.

Try these simple changes each day.  Habits take time to build, but isn’t your happiness worth it?


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Habits of Thought

Last year my husband and I went to the Dominican Republic, an island in the Caribbean. While on one of the tours we signed up for, we visited a “typical” Dominican home.  Outside the home, there was a tree with a parrot perched on it.  As you got closer, it would flip around the branch and squawk.  As each person passed by, it did the same thing over and over again.  The bird thought, Here comes a human, it’s time to do my trick. Yes, he was trained, but then, we all are when it comes to our habits, even if it’s self-trained.

A habit is just something done over and over.  It can be a physical habit, like the charming bird, or a mental one, in which you can’t help but think about something that gives you pain.  If you don’t learn to control your habit of thought, it will surely control you.  It’s very much an addiction.  Just because it’s a thought habit doesn’t make it any easier to change than quitting smoking or drugs,

By the law of attraction, the more you keep thinking about something, be it good or bad the more you draw the same to you. The only way to fix the negative thinking is to break the habit, and there is nothing simple about breaking habits.  They’ve been with you (most likely), for a long time, and rarely do you even acknowledge them or how much time you spend thinking of negative things.

Last night I found myself thinking about an accident I had several months ago.  It’s a replay of an incident where I was dragged by my car, and when I finally fell to the pavement, the back tire ran over my legs.  It’s a habitual replay that runs through my mind; a revisit of something that truly does me no good.  But each day, I’m getting better. The replays come less and less. When they do come around I don’t fight the thought, but visualize it drifting down and away.  Then I focus on the fact that I am getting full mobility back (the tire ran over my right ankle and left knee) and am very happy the pain is gone. I thank the powers that be that there were no broken bones or a much worse injury.


Still, it’s become a habit of thought, because, without even realizing it, I let it become one.  I know it’s not my fault.  Hurt is a strong emotion and demands attention.  But like a misbehaving child,  focusing away from the tantrum is much more beneficial than letting the child see their behavior is working.  Once that happens, a habit will form, a habit you never saw coming.  And, just like a child that has become out of control, figuring out what’s going to work to make things right again, may take some trial and error.

If, as you read this article, you see that you tend to direct your attention toward more negative aspects of your life, or like me, want to let go of a thought that only gives you misery, there are ways to train your thoughts to see things in a different way. They’ve worked for me in the past, and are working for me now.

In my next article, I’ll focus on steps to begin seeing life with more joy, no matter what is going on around you.

If you didn’t see the first article on this subject, you can read it here: The Unwanted Thought

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Picture Source: Sheryl Frazer

The Unwanted Thought

As you read these words, you think your thoughts are focused on whatever I’m talking about, right?

But, your arm itches so, even though you’re still reading, you scratch it. Then your glasses start to slip down your nose, so you adjust them.  You feel hot and acknowledge to yourself that it’s getting warm, but keep reading. You hear the T.V. in the other room, static noise really, but still, you know it’s there, you keep reading. The air conditioner goes on…awe, that feels good!

In less than twelve seconds or so, you had five inconsequential thoughts, all the while thinking you were just reading the text in front of you.  Like the little figures scurrying around the maze, your brain processes over 20,000 thoughts a day; thoughts you don’t even realize you’re having. It files some for later use, acts on others immediately, while others seem to be replicated en masse, as the thought continuously seems to flood your mind. Those are the one to pay attention to.

There is an energy to thought.  Invisible like the wind but potentially much more powerful. For a thought’s power is in its repetition.  The more a thought is thought, the stronger it gets.  Also called the law of attraction, this thought energy goes out like a good servant to bring you exactly what you keep thinking about.

Are you thinking how lonely you are?  It will find you things that remind you how lonely you are.  Do you feel poor and dwell on how you never have money to do anything fun?  It will surely give you more things so you can continue to feel poor.  Thoughts are simple servants. Like the little workers above, they just do what they are told., over and over again.  They don’t understand you want the opposite of what you are thinking about.  It’s a foreign language to them.  They only hear the thought and think that is what you are requesting from them; to be lonely or poor because that is what you always focus on.  There is no reasoning with this servant.  The only way to change its mind is to change yours.

In my next article, I’ll begin to show patterns we all have and how our lives seem to be random when it comes to what appears in it.


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Finding a New Home

It’s been a while, almost four years to be exact since I wrote on a blogging site. It was rather short lived, due to work demands, resulting in just a handful of articles. Yet an article I wrote back then is still my focus in writing today and happily remains published after all this time.

It’s an article about thoughts and feelings and how they are simultaneously connected. The articles I’d like to write here, at WordPress, although not exclusively, will look at thought and associated feelings as well as the choices we make related to them.

I am finalizing my first book. It is a fictional story with all the aspects above woven into the twists and turns of the beloved main character, cumulating to a very surprising ending. I want to connect with people who believe that there is more that shape our lives than just random luck or the notion that it is their lot in life to be miserable.

I hope to write thought-provoking articles that will have the reader examine their own thoughts, feelings, and choices to see if there just could be a relation between what they think and what appears over and over again in their life.

I’m very excited to be a part of the WordPress family.